How can we clean our clean cosmetic sponge over-night?

The cosmetic sponge is the second name of a makeup sponge. They are used to remove as well apply the makeup. Not only it helps in these aspects but also helps in moisturizing the skin in a very effective manner, cleaning our sponge is a significant factor. Therefore there are many best way to clean makeup sponges. However regular cleaning of sponge makes sure the longer survival of product.

Why is it considered an eco-friendly sponge?

Regular cleaning of the sponge is an eco-friendly manner to save the environment. As these sponges are made from blended, smooth plastic and many of the users, trash sponge after a single usage, which leads to an increased number of plastic in nature. Let’s discuss some of the best ways to clean makeup sponges.

Wash sponge with warm water – to ensure that your sponge pores work smoothly for that make …

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