How can we clean our clean cosmetic sponge over-night?

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The cosmetic sponge is the second name of a makeup sponge. They are used to remove as well apply the makeup. Not only it helps in these aspects but also helps in moisturizing the skin in a very effective manner, cleaning our sponge is a significant factor. Therefore there are many best way to clean makeup sponges. However regular cleaning of sponge makes sure the longer survival of product.

Why is it considered an eco-friendly sponge?

Regular cleaning of the sponge is an eco-friendly manner to save the environment. As these sponges are made from blended, smooth plastic and many of the users, trash sponge after a single usage, which leads to an increased number of plastic in nature. Let’s discuss some of the best ways to clean makeup sponges.

Wash sponge with warm water – to ensure that your sponge pores work smoothly for that make sure that clean your sponge with the mixture of warm water and liquid soap. That enables the pores of the sponge to open up and throw away the excess dirt and other harmful bacteria’s.

Clean the sponge with liquid soap- another way to clean sponge is liquid soap. Fill a jar with liquid detergent and water, and then drop the sponge into the pot after some time. The sponge will absorb all the liquid soap. Moreover, rinse it with water which will clean all the pores of the sponge and remove all the dirt and bacteria from the sponge very easily.

Drying out sponge- after cleaning the sponge with soap, the next step is to remove all the excess water with a dry and clean cloth. Squeeze the sponge a couple of times with towel, until you feel that your sponge is dehydrated. After the drying process is complete sponge will come into its original size and shape automatically.